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Housing Assistance Program

God's Kingdom Builders Church of Jesus Christ Housing Assistance Program was first established in 2016 as a part of a larger project to help restore God's people and spread the love of God throughout the earth. Our ministry first began taking in homeless individuals in the church's personal homes due to a lack of resources. The majority of our residents are youth escaping life-threatening lifestyles and earnestly seeking to establish a promising future. Our homeless shelter is an emergency transitional shelter that assists with transitioning individuals from their past into their today and ultimately prepares them for their tomorrow. Operating as a nonprofit organization in affiliation with God's Kingdom Builders Church, residents receive food and housing along with sessions of advice, guidance, and support services.


"Homeless ministry blesses me so much. This ministry has taken me in and taught me about responsibility, giving, and helping others in need. So much so, now that I'm a husband and a father to a child, I also take people in that don't have anywhere to go and teach the same thing that this homeless ministry taught me."

"I'm glad that this place was not a respecter of persons. No matter the background or what your future may look like, it has a chance to change. I'm a single mother of 3 little girls, and I've never been more encouraged to pursue a better version of myself. Because of the counsel and countless resources provided, I can now give my children the love and support necessary for them to grow into healthy adults." 

"Being with GKB Homeless Shelter has changed my life! I have gotten help in all areas of life!  The atmosphere that was produced and given to me at a FREE cost has and will forever impact my life! I got my first car, I learned how to cook and clean properly, I learned how to budget my finances in addition to growing closer to Christ!! Being with the homeless shelter propelled me to take greater steps in life WITH Christ. Now I have my own place where I can help other people with the same opportunities and help that I received!!!"

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